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Unparalleled Meat Mastery

Step into the extraordinary realm of our "Prime Cuts Symphony," where the culinary virtuosos showcase their expertise in the art of meat. Each dish in this exclusive section is a carefully orchestrated masterpiece

Herb Marinated Grilled Chicken

Rich bourbon glaze and garlic

$ 45
Maple Dijon Glazed Pork

Juicy grilled chicken marinated

$ 37
Savory Bourbon Glazed

Grilled lamb chops and couscous

gastronomic adventure

Passion Behind Every Meat Dish

From expert cooking tips to spotlighting our signature dishes, this blog is a celebration of the passion and expertise that make this restaurant a haven for meat enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the delicious world of meats, one blog post at a time.

Grill Master

Tailor your meal to perfection, choosing from premium cuts

BBQ Lunch

Selection of barbecue styles and premium meat cuts

Exceptional Quality

Savor the Value: Price Guide

Our commitment to quality extends to our pricing, ensuring that you enjoy the finest cuts without compromising your budget.

Per Kilo

$ 12

* Fresh cuts
Per Kilo

$ 23

* Fresh cuts
Per Kilo

$ 15

* Fresh cuts

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Unforgettable Experiences

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